Ask Big Questions at UVA: What do you expect of leaders?

University of Virginia asks WHAT DO YOU EXPECT FROM YOUR LEADERS?

Here is one response:

A leader should inspire through example; have an exceptional work ethic; operate wherever possible in a transparent manner; be true to his/her word and

 thereby inspire trust; be collaborative where possible, but also be unafraid to make a tough decision when required; and lastly, be fully accountable for results.
-Allen Groves, Dean of Students
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What do YOU expect of leaders?
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48 Responses to Ask Big Questions at UVA: What do you expect of leaders?

  1. Riley St. Pierre says:

    I expect a leader to be able to relate, communicate, and devote himself to others. A leader should not feel superior to followers and he should be on the same level as they are all the time. This will allow for growth for both the leader and follower and will allow the lealder to communicate well with others. I think a good follower relates to others as well and creates a feeling of community. Finally, a leader should devote himself to others. I really like the idea of servant leadership and I think this is one of the best if not the best form of leadership. Sacrificing oneself to someone else really is a leadership role because it takes the qualities of a leader to do that voluntarily. I expect a leader to be willing to sacrifice his/her pleasures, if necessary, for the benefit of others in order to pursue a certain goal.

  2. Libby Howe says:

    Leaders exhibit an undeniable and contagious passion for whatever cause he or she advocates. The aspirations of a leader go above and beyond what is required or even expected and draw followers higher as well. This desire for achievement powers every other quality of a leader from the extensive time commitments to the collaboration with all others that share an interest in the common goal. Leaders sacrifice endless amounts of energy. The crucial enthusiasm draws others in to provide resources and hours while simultaneously solidifying the importance of the cause. A leader’s passion and longing to achieve results in the development of organizational and administrative skills; anything to reach the eventual goal. Everything revolves around a leader’s passion.

  3. Sam Weber says:

    Leaders need to care about their followers. They need to have a genuine interest in every person that they are in charge of and make sure they are leading these people in the right direction. Leaders need to relate to their followers and make sure they are on the same page, and that the followers are happy with the direction they are being led. This is why leader-follower relations are so important. They quality of leader-follower relations determines the quality of the overall leadership. Affective leaders need to lead in a direction that is best for their followers, and make sure that the followers know that what is being done is best for them.

  4. Morgan Carson says:

    This post could not have come at a better time. During Tuesday’s class period, Dr. Clegorne showed me what I want to see in a leader. He was concerned about his students welfares, and it was comforting as a student to have your leader rooting for you. When a leader can talk to their followers without talking down, or belittling them is another trait I enjoy experiencing as a follower. My youth minister was the perfect example of this. He left us with the responsibility that a young adult deserves, and still gently prodded us with encouragement to get our tasks completed. I also agree with what everyone else has posted. It has come to my attention that a strong leader must be aware of many things all at once.

  5. Rachel E says:

    Leaders have to be passionate about their goals and be able to communicate their vision to their followers. In my mind, the important part about a movement is about the leader believing in their cause regardless of what others think and the leader making sure that the followers are involved and passionate about the cause as well. The leader needs to realize that they do not need to tell the followers what to do if their goals are communicated well and the leader has self-motivated followers. The leader also must realize that they need to be equal with the followers. The followers need to feel included, equal, and needed; without this the followers will most likely become disinterested in the cause. This is the job of a leader.

  6. Alexander Jones says:

    A leader should be recognized at first glance. If the leader isn’t up on top of things, they aren’t doing their job to the fullest potential. When you walk into a classroom, it’s obvious who the leader is: the teacher in the front of the room. When you walk into a grocery store, it’s obvious who the leader is: the one who is concerned about guest satisfaction wearing a dress shirt and tie. When you walk into a manufacturing plant, it’s obvious who the leaders are: those who are in the offices or walking around bossing people around. I could go on and on about examples of leaders, but the overall point is, each and every single leader is different. They all share the same passion to reach their goals by making decisions, but the way they get there is up to them. Each leader has their own method, and the best, even gain the respect of those who they are leading.

    • Thomas Nave says:

      I agree with you completely Alex, I feel like the values implemented in this article show great leadership, but there are definitely more traits that display it. Just as Alex said, leaders have a certain air about them. You can sense them even when they simply walk into a room. Leaders display dominance and power when others back down in certain situations. They stand up for others and make sure that everyone is involved in the given task.

  7. Jacob Clore says:

    A leader needs to be relatable, have charisma, and motivate his followers to complete the goals of the organization. First, a leader must be relatable. Too much in today’s society do we see leaders who possess superhuman qualities. In addition to that, some politicians are being compared to Jesus while others are said to be perfect. We need leaders who are down to earth because then their followers will feel more comfortable around them. Leaders need to have that certain magnetic charm that will cause his or her followers to come to him or her for anything. This includes asking for help or just striking up a conversation. Finally a leader needs to motivate their followers to complete their goals. A leader must stress the importance of getting the job done in a creative and unique way.

  8. Lauren Nance says:

    Bill Bradley once said “Leadership is unlocking people’s potential to become better.” A follower should be able to receive a constant flow of encouragement from their leaders. Sometimes obstacles stand in their way of succeeding so all they need is motivation to continue pursuing their goals. If they know that their leader has faith and confidence in them, that may be enough to keep them on the right track. I think leaders often have a tendency to look down upon those below them because they have more power so they feel that they shouldn’t waste their time lifting up others. They are too busy searching for ways to help themselves first.

  9. Kristen Fisher says:

    In my prior leadership positions, I was instructed that the most important job of a leader is to take care of their followers. I look for this to be done in my leaders. I expect the leaders to be knowledgeable of what they are leading, communicate effectively, and be passionate about their position along with the common goal that is being worked towards, but in the long run, the most important thing to them should be their followers. For example, you can’t just go for a common goal, but risk the health or well-being of a follower. Followers are essential in leadership, so it is expected for leaders to make notice of this.

  10. Dixon Holland says:

    The main priority of a leader is definitely to appease the people who he/she is leading because that should be their number one concern. Without the happiness of the people, then the leader cannot say that he is doing a good job. The leader must make everyone who he is leading happy before he can go on with his job. Once everyone is appeased, then the leader should go on to his duties, which is to instruct his followers to do what is best for everyone. I also expect that leaders will provide anything that the followers might need, because it is their duty to provide anything to their people.

  11. Katy Kelly says:

    A leader should be open minded. They need to understand that everyone approaches problems differently and they need to be able to listen to everyone’s ideas and contributions. They need to be able to compromise and possibly set aside their own priorities or beliefs in order to work toward the common goal of the group. Like we were talking about in class, there are always going to be those outside groups that you have to bring in, and a leader needs to know how to do that. But they also need to know when to open up and listen more to the ideas of that outside group because they may have a better way to reach their goal.

  12. Crista Watson says:

    There is no one right answer for this question but here is my idea of what a leader should be:
    A leader should be able to handle unforeseen situations. For example, improvisation on the spot or thinking up new ideas when the original one backfires.
    A leader should always want what is best for everyone as a whole and not just for him/herself.
    A leader should always listen to what others have to say.
    A leader should always keep an open-mind.
    A leader should always act with confidence but also be able to instill that confidence in others.
    Lastly, leader should be someone we trust and look up to.

  13. Emma D says:

    I expect the main priority of leaders to be to motivate the people toward a common goal. By motivating followers, leaders help followers to be the best they can be. When followers are the best they can be, they are more satisfied with themselves; this satisfaction then creates a happy and productive environment where more goals can be reached. I also believe that leaders should always listen to what people have to say, no matter who that person is. If followers feel like they are being heard, they will be more apt to participate become involved in the group. Finally I expect a leader to act consistently towards each individual in the group.

    • Courtney H says:

      I agree with you, Emma. If a leader lacks motivated and encouraged followers, then ultimately whatever his or her great plans are will fail. The common goal cannot be reached if a driven leader is not pushing people towards the finish line.

  14. Suzanne Berry says:

    I expect a leader to build a relationship with each of his/her followers in order to ensure that they can motivate each one to reach towards the common goal. The leader needs to be able to communicate well and stay positive about the situation, even if something seems to be going wrong. I also expect a leader to be a good listener and listen to each and every one of their followers ideas.

  15. Courtney McPherson says:

    I expect leaders to be approachable. No one can understand everything,and a leader should be there to answer questions. Not necessarily be all knowing but prepared to search for an answer and guide their followers to success.

    • Miles Rachner says:

      I agree with Courtney that no one person can know, and do everything. This is why a leader must be open to their followers and others viewpoints. If a leader is closed minded then how can they be an effective leader of change? So I agree that for success a leader must in fact be approachable, open minded, and fair to others questions.

  16. Haley Ward says:

    When I first read this, I immediately thought about class this past Tuesday when we talked about power and influence that certain leaders portray. I view superior leaders as those who do not necessarily have “power” but are extremely influential. It is very important for leaders to have a way about them that “leaves a mark on their followers.” This makes a follower more eager to trust them and listen to what they have to say. A leader should also build a very strong relationship with their followers as Suzanne said, because this allows for collaboration and effectiveness towards a common goal.

  17. Lewis Tucker says:

    I believe leaders should participate with the group as much if not more than they lead. Leaders should not be set up on a pedestal where no one can reach them and communicate with them. Leaders are people and should relate to everyone in the group the same and be looked at by everyone the same. Leading by example is a good example of what a leader should be because instead of the leader just telling people what to do, the leader is actively involved. This can contribute to getting everyone to be actively involved together with a common goal. A leader is nothing more than a normal citizen that helps to guide individuals by example and being involved.

  18. Luke Carroll says:

    From a leader I expect guidance, communication, and a foundation. A foundation in the groups values, a foundation in the way the group accomplishes goals, and a foundation for growth. A leader is someone who knows his or her own strengths and can utilize them effectively and positively. A leader is also someone who can help to foster growth among his or her followers in their strengths and help them excel in their endeavors.

  19. Rachel Cotton says:

    I expect leaders to work for the people they serve. I expect that to do everything they do in order to better their community, organization or membership. I believe that they should understand their abilities and their purpose and know how to combine the two effectively. A leader positively effects those they lead and facilitates organization within the structure of the organization.

  20. Cat Hauser says:

    I expect a leader to be a good communicator. They need to be able to figure out what to do and explain, clearly, to everyone else so that job can get done. If they are a god communicator, then they have the ability to understand the directions and if not, then the can ask and communicate the problem. Leaders also need to be able to lead by example, a leader should act how they want their followers to act. They also need to be able to listen to their followers and not have too much pride.

  21. Macy Kinder says:

    I expect a leader to be able to effectively communicate with all of his/her followers. In order for everyone to get something achieved, everyone needs to be on the same page. A leader who communicates well with his/her followers is able to consider everyone’s needs while being able to portray a mental “map” of the vision the group is trying to reach. I also expect a leader to be able to balance power with his/her relationship with the group. A leader shouldn’t be a push over, but at the same time a leader shouldn’t act like a dictator. A leader needs to be able to keep the group focused on its goal, but not try to control every little detail to a “T”. He/she needs to be able to work well his/her group and try to understand the group without letting other people try to walk on top of him/her.

  22. Victoria Gray says:

    A leader should completely devote themselves to their followers. They leader has a vision that represents that of his/her followers and then work with them in order to accomplish it on their behalf. A leader must act and sometimes make difficult decisions. A leader need to understand their abilities and talents and use them in the best of their ability. Their goals should not be for personal gain but for the group as a whole.

  23. Taylor McClain says:

    I expect a leader should be completely committed to the task at hand. A leader should have a clear vision that he or she has presented to the followers so that they may achieve their goals. The leader must be willing to compromise and make difficult decisions. The leader must remain focused on the task at hand, while also attempting to understand the needs of the followers. The leader must not be arrogant, but rather confident in his or her abilities as well as the abilities of the followers.

  24. Carly Scullin says:

    I expect a leader to be someone who is there to motivate and excite their followers. A leader should find excitement and joy out of helping and guiding others, and not just take a leadership position for the power or title. A leader should be a person whoes followers feel confident talking to, and coming to with problems. Along with this, a leader should be understanding of a persons situation, and not judgmental.

    • Kyle Rushton says:

      I completely agree with Carly. I expect that a leader bring forth positive energy to the group in order to keep the followers motivated. A leader should be someone who is confident in what they believe in and make a firm stand for it.

  25. Abigail Bartolome says:

    I expect a leader to devote himself more toward the greater good of the cause that he is leading, than toward his own personal motives. I expect a leader to understand the significance of the followers and use them to make sure that the project is operating the most efficient way possible.

  26. Allyson True says:

    I think a leader needs to be everything that they want to see in their followers. I believe strongly in leading by example and in order to be an effective leader, one needs to consider this. I think leaders embody all the typical “good” characteristcs like trustworthiness, honesty, respect, etc but I think the leaders that stand out embody other valuable things such as leading by example. It is easy for someone to be the boss and tell everyone else what to do. But it takes a lot of courage to be the one who stands up first and volunteers for the job.

  27. kelsey edmonds says:

    I believe a leader should genuinely care about their followers. That means getting to know each individual and finding out what exactly their goals and visions are for the future. It is very common for a leader to “get lost” in their own self interest and stop caring about the people around following them. Therefore, leaders must put themselves equal or even below the followers in order to fully assess the situations and gain respect. Every follower should be included and feel like they are contributing something to the better cause. It is the leader’s duty to cheer the followers along and encourage them to reach great things that they never thought were acheivable. Also, a leader must clearly communicate a “map” of where they want to go and how they are going to get there. This way followers know exactly what is expected of them from the start.

  28. Courtney Green says:

    A leader must have a passion for their work. They have to have a strong desire and be determined to achieve their goal. Charisma is an important trait to have in order to gain followers. I think that an effective leader must have consistency. It is hard for people to follow you if your goals and values are unclear. The leaders values, behavior, and actions must all be consistent with each other.

  29. Francisco Gabitan says:

    I expect a leader to be knowledgeable, adaptive, wise, charismatic and caring towards followers. A leader is someone who people can look up to for guidance, therefore a leader must be someone who is knowledgeable of the general aspects at work in the organization while having the traits mentioned above in order to communicate to the followers properly.

  30. David Bohn says:

    I see a leader as someone who sets the example and holds a passion/goal for something that others want to follow. A leader should be able to communicate with their followers and have respect for them. Followers put their trust in a leader and expect the leader to preform and carry-through on what they promise. Leaders are help responsible by followers, they are influencing others and must be held accountable.

  31. Patrick Lawrence says:

    I see a leader as a person who is totally onboard with their cause; someone who is completely passionate in working towards their goal. They get followers and treat them like they should be treated, with respect and strong leading philosophies. They provide a goal for everyone to work towards and rewards for success in the future if they stay on track. They listen to input from all followers and work to make it a collective agreement.

  32. Ryan Jenvey says:

    A leader to me is assertive in decision-making while facilitating his followers. He has a firm grasp on his strengths and weaknesses and understands how to make them work to his advantage. He can find a balance where he can let the followers decide what direction to head in while still maintaining control and keeping the goals in focus. He also provides motivation for his followers and spurs them on towards their goals. A leader gets the job done with humility.

  33. Kyle Rushton says:

    I believe that a leader should be aware of what they stand for and fight for their beliefs. A leader cannot sway back and forth between ideas and expect to be listened to or have followers. Leaders need to be assertive and confident in the change that they can make from what they believe in. On another note, leaders need to know their strengths. They need to know how they can personally impact society with the given situation. Their strengths and confidence together can help make a change towards their goals.

  34. Emma Reeves says:

    I agree with the speaker when he says leaders should be transparent in order to inspire trust in followers, work collaboratively with others, and be responsible for his or her actions. Different leaders exhibit so many different traits and styles of leading that it’s hard to pinpoint exactly what makes a good leader. However, I believe that good ethics and values should be at the core of every leader because followers are more likely to be inspired by a leader they trust.

  35. John jones says:

    What I expect in a leader is someone who can establish a personal connection with his or her subordinates and someone that is motivated to make a difference and actually strive for change. I understand in some instances, such as the president, it is impossible to make a connection with every single follower but I still believe a leader should share values with his or her subordinates.

  36. Mariana Sa says:

    When I think about being led by someone else, I expect mostly that this person, or group of people, treat me fairly. I am very interested on justice, equality and this kind of subjects and so when led I truly expect to be treated with respect and equally, not differently because of race, nationality or gender. I also expect leaders to have control over the situation, which means to be committed to the cause and taking that cause very seriously. It also sounds important for me the fact that I expect the leader to be able to express the importance, if not the urgency, of his/her cause in order to motivate and engage me, otherwise I am sure I will feel like I should, or will, follow those leaders.

  37. Zack Snow says:

    I expect a good leader to be able to gain the support form people who believe what he believes and also to gain the support of a portion of the people who disagree with his belief. The leader should be a proper representation of his beliefs and should remain true to his beliefs. The should be able to adapt to the situation to change his leadership style to be the most effective leader he can be.

  38. Jasmine Porter says:

    I expect a good leader to be able to reach out its followers and do what ever is needed to make them feel successful. A good leader should express the values and goals. Not only should they express them but also lead by example. It is important for a leader to establish a good connection with his or her subordinates.

  39. Maggie D says:

    When I think of qualities that make a strong leader I think of someone who motivates others toward a common goal with a positive and empathetic attitude. If leaders are not empathetic, it makes it difficult for others to relate. A leader should inspire others to be the best they can be by emphasizing their strengths and strengthening their weaknesses. Leaders also need to lead by example and be respectful of others beliefs/opinions.

  40. Ethan Brown says:

    I believe that a leader should be someone who leads by example. A leader promotes a positive atmosphere and collaborates with followers so that the group may reach a common goal or purpose. Leaders must be sympathetic to the wishes of followers and lower themselves to the same level. This ensures that followers influence leaders and leaders are on the same page with followers.

  41. Lindsay DeMers says:

    A leader should be that awesome person who retains child-like creativity, imagination, and curiosity. This leader thinks outside the box. He or she should be bold but deliberative, be able to make a decision under pressure but while being prudent. This person should be someone parents aren’t afraid to have their kids look up to. He or she should understand hard work and have gratitude. Finally, a leader should be trustworthy and real.

  42. Crista Watson says:

    A leader is someone who will allow their followers to feel like they are part of the group but at the same time not be afraid to lay down a firm hand when things start to get out of control. A leader should always be one step ahead of his/her followers. They are people who make changes and motivate others to want the same things too.

  43. Hoo In Won says:

    I want my leader to be inspiring, intelligent, charismatic, and encouraging. Leader is a person who can influence group of individual to achieve the common goal. I expect he/she to be expert in what he/she is doing and be able to carry the followers to the successful changes.

    • Miles Rachner says:

      I also agree with Whoon here that a leader must have attributes that make them desirable as a leader. Normally a leader comes to power because the have many attributes such as being inspiring, intelligent, charismatic, encouraging, and determined to make them desirable. Also a leader must have confidence, because normally that is what people lack, and if at least someone has the confidence to stand up for something, other will follow. So again I agree that for successful change a leader must have desirable attributes that are needed for a situation.

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