Amazing Local Leaders, some not much older than you!

Some students in Allison Dunn’s class really got a lot out of this video.  Its 15 minutes that I think will certainly enhance your experience in our class.  Take a look and post comments!

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15 Responses to Amazing Local Leaders, some not much older than you!

  1. Alexander Jones says:

    As this video clearly shows, leadership requires belief in what you are leading. The belief of accomplishing a task/goal will likely show better results in the end. You will get more involved within your task/goal wishing to complete it not only just to “finish” it, but to do it to make yourself feel better. This is demonstrated across the globe, which is what this class is beginning to teach me, especially from the Kellerman readings. I enjoyed the video because of the personal background stories that came along with everything, it made me feel more connected to their leadership ways.

  2. Jacob Clore says:

    I really got a lot out of this video because it told me that whatever position you find yourself in, you can still make a great difference. The woman from India was an English teacher and she soon became an activist for AIDS. I was really astounded by the story of Benji who walked 3000 miles to tell the world about his cause. That is some true dedication. Seeing leaders like this inspires me to do more in the world around me.

  3. Kristen Fisher says:

    I agree with, Jake. This video was very inspiring to me. The three examples showed me how ordinary people can do extra-ordinary things. It shows me that I can make a difference in the world even though I’m young and just an ordinary person. It shows that we can’t predict what will happen, and that the world in changing. I agree with the video saying how we need change in our world. Our leaders need to change. I think that you can’t always do the same thing and expect different results. I believe this is an underlying theme in the video. If we want a change to happen, we must change.

  4. Morgan Carson says:

    This video was very inspiring to watch. I thoroughly enjoyed hearing the stories of people thrown into tough situations and emerging as a leader. This video brings the famous quote to my mind said by Ghandi, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” The theme of this video is that it takes courage within one to achieve greatness, and I think that is a leadership attribute that we often overlook. After watching this video, I plan on remembering to be courageous in my future leadership endeavors.

  5. Courtney says:

    I am just another person on the Earth, living in the United States, going to Virginia Tech. I have skills, traits, and abilities. This video showed me that I don;t have to have specific skills, traits, or abilities to make a difference in one way or the other. I can start small, and stay small of grow big. I can achieve what I set my mind to, and when I realize it’s my time to make a change I can act. Leadership is simple, influence. Influence those around you, your friends and family, influence your community, your nation, your world. It may be difficult to influence the world but to open others eyes and encourage them to join you, leadership can then become quite powerful.

  6. Anna Lehman says:

    I agree with what Courtney said, we can start small and grow into making a big change. Going from being an English teacher to an activist for AIDS is a perfect example of this. As students it may be hard for us to make a major change, but if we start small and build up to the major changes we want to make we can achieve anything. As we grow older, learn more, gain more experiences, we will be able to make a difference even more. We can use our leadership knowledge to lead and encourage others to start making a difference.

  7. Suzanne Berry says:

    There are countless examples of these unexpected leaders that grow to do big things. Most of these leaders did not necessarily begin as leaders. Most began on a completely different path and their position as a leader either fell onto their plate or they switched paths. Only few people actually plan to become leaders and do so successfully. This video provided several examples of leaders who did not plan on becoming leaders, but there are so many more!

  8. Mariana Sa says:

    This video is personally very interesting considering that my whole life I have seen those natives about whom the video talks about on the streets, taking the bus, or on the news and they always seemed to be so different and calling attention to themselves. The way the video portrays that people is very interesting, they are actually trying to communicate with world outside their tribe and make the difference. Nevertheless, this is an exception on the native-white people scene, at least in my country, and the situation usually gets much worse than one paje venturing out the tribe to do more for his tribe. Usually indians (I have hear this term is not quite common, but this is how we refer to them back home) invade government places – imagine an invasion of native Americans on the Capitol – vindicating for rights, for land and sometimes for money. Their land, as the video says, has been taken of by people who are interested on minerals or on the trees in that region, and this often becomes fights, deaths and more harm both for the forest and for that people. Therefore, this example of leadership indeed called my attention, because most tribes in Brazil are not trying to get around the white men (civilization in general) because they are aware of the ends of this story. Moreover, this great example of leadership should potentially be observed by authorities who neglect those indians their rights. It is time for the government to end indian protection institutes and start acting with strong leadership in a sense of treating those historical communities as citizens of a country and deserving of respect, justice, and efficient leaders.

  9. Emily Hucks says:

    After watching this video there was some things that I noticed. I noticed like Alexander said leadership means you have a belief in what you are leading. Meaning you know what you are standing up for and you stand behind it 100%. On the other hand I also noticed that you can be in any situation that you want, and you can always find your way out of it or make the best of the situation.

  10. Crista Watson says:

    In a resource starved world we need leaders who are environmentally responsible and compassionate. The story of Benki is a really interesting one and inspirational to everyone who saw this video. We do need change, and we need certain kinds of leaders to start that change.

  11. Jasmine Porter says:

    After watching this video it made me realize that you can do amazing things at any age. Leaders make a difference because they have the passion for whatever their doing and they give back whole-heartidly.

  12. Victoria Gray says:

    The video made me question myself. Are my dreams correct? How am I truly going to change anything in this world? My biggest fear is dying and never benefiting the world. The people she discussed in this video have passion and a heart for people. I respect them and hope one day I can be half that courageous.

  13. Patrick Lawrence says:

    As the video shows, there are many leaders who didn’t actually begin their cause as leaders. Some didn’t even know what cause they were going to fight for. This makes me question myself. If some leaders started out as normal everyday people, then maybe theres a chance that i could become a leader too.

  14. Hoo In Won says:

    Just like many people says i believe that this video is really inspiring. Regardless to one’s background, including age, ethnicity, gender, and position, one can be a leader with effective leadership. Benji was only 10 years old when he had to carry his tribe. He was able to walk 3000 miles, believing that people are going to listen to him, when he was age of 18. If someone under my age can do such things. I should be able to do the same.

  15. Kyla Mauro says:

    This video really showed that if you truly care about something you will find a way to change it or make it better. The examples in this video were really inspiring and interesting. It also showed that no matter what stage you are in your life you can lead some sort of change, Benji was only 10 years old and lead a tribe. The literature professor was older but switch what she was doing and contributed to something she really believed in.

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