Virginia Tech’s Principles of Community

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22 Responses to Virginia Tech’s Principles of Community

  1. Grace Ellis says:

    My favorite thing about this video was the one value all the phrases had in common: respect. Respect for everyone is one of my core values. I believe that everyone should be treated kindly and fairly, no matter their race, age, gender, sexual orientation, or political affiliation. Every phrase in the video encouraged an excellent learning environment at Virginia Tech in order to allow each unique student to become the best they can be. In turn, the students must have respect for each other, no matter their differences, and strive to live up to VT’s motto: ut prosim, that I may serve.

    • Nina Miller says:

      I agree with you, Grace. If we are to take ut prosim seriously, we have to be willing to respect all of our peers, educators, staff, and administration. Being able to create this respect on campus will help us develop the same respect once we graduate and enter the workforce and become involved in our communities.

  2. Kristen Fisher says:

    This video reminds me of how great of a place Virginia Tech really is, and how that I am privileged to get to live here and expand my knowledge and leadership. It shows how that there is something for everyone at VT. It also shows me how I can really grow and mature here and enhance my leadership skills. The differences that I see here at VT will help me learn how to respect others and have more appreciation. It also will allow me to learn how to have controversy with civility. This video shows how Virginia Tech is a school with great values and many opportunities to learn, grow, lead, and be involved. I agree completely with Grace about the respect in this video. It makes me realize how it is okay to have differences and that people can respect you. Furthermore, I can learn to be a leader in a school that is all about serving each other.

  3. Emma Reeves says:

    This video is a reminder that as Virginia Tech students, we are all leaders. Hokies demonstrate leadership by respecting and accepting differences, serving others, and striving to make this campus community a better place by adhering to it’s core values every day.

  4. Anna Lehman says:

    Community has been a big part of my life, and it is such a good feeling to go to school at Virginia Tech where there is an amazing community. Mutual acceptance and respect is a huge part of a community. I agree with Grace that respect is a core component in a community. When a leader shows respect and acceptance towards their peers or followers, then they will have an easier time being seen as a good leader.

  5. Courtney says:

    As I was trying to figure out what my core values were I thought about things that I take into account when making important decisions, how will this affect me, where will it put me in 5 years, is there another option? One value that I came across was tradition. Something that Virginia Tech seems to have a lot of, especially in regards to ut prosim, that I may serve. This is something that I know will become more and more meaningful as I further my education here at Virginia Tech, for now the simple tradition of it is something I consider a core value!

  6. Anne Walsack says:

    Every Virginia Tech student is a leader in their own way. Respect is shown everywhere on our campus and I am continually reminded of how fortunate I am to be a student here. Hokies are known for their respect, and I don’t planning on letting down the Hokie nation by being disrespectful. This is how Hokies prove that they are leaders.

  7. Lindsay DeMers says:

    When I watched this video, I felt emboldened to be me and embrace everyone’s uniqueness. I felt proud of myself and proud of my values, and I think it is also important to recognize and accept other people’s values. With that, I want to learn to value people because I think something can be gained from knowing anyone.

  8. Courtney Green says:

    This video shows that no matter what your background is or what your beliefs are, everyone at Virginia Tech is able to come together. This enables us to learn from each other and make a difference in our community. At the end of the day, everyone at Tech is able to come together for a common purpose, Ut Prosim.

  9. Alexander Jones says:

    Virginia Tech is a very diverse university, but as a whole we are strong and together. This video goes to show that the people within this university are closer than ever, especially over the last five years since 4/16/07. Growing up in Roanoke and coming to campus quite often for football and basketball games has allowed me to witness “Hokie Nation” come together as one large community. Our sport teams promote the slogan, “Hokies Respect” everywhere and all over the place, but what is even better than that is the respect found off the field/court and out of the stands. Virginia Tech has to be the most respectful place I have been to. Everyone says something to everybody and people go out of their way to do things as simple as holding the door open for you. Everyone is proud to be here and be a part of this huge community, which is why we shall serve (hint our motto, “Ut Prosim”) and give back to this great place we are fortunate enough to call our school.

  10. Rachel E says:

    This video reminds me of why I chose Virginia Tech. There is a great sense of community throughout campus. The values presented in this video are in accordance with my values as well. People always say that a group is stronger than one. Virginia Tech is just like a really big family. Everyone comes together to help out in times of need. Ut Prosim is something that helps bring everyone closer together.

    • Catherine (Cate) Beach says:

      I completely agree. I chose Virginia Tech because I felt that sense of community and pride every time I have visited the campus over the past 6 years. I love that connection that everyone shares here and I am so proud to be a hokie and to be a part of this giving and loving community. The values that Virginia Tech embodies are the same as those of my own values. All that Virginia Tech stands for is what makes it such an amazing and highly looked opon university and community.

  11. Courtney H says:

    To me this video highlights the backbone and foundation of Virginia Tech: acceptance and servitude. With tens of thousands of students, Virginia Tech has seen its fair share of diversity, clashing cultures and differing ideas and opinions. But it is the way Tech strives to unite it all towards a common purpose of a becoming a greater university that sets Virginia Tech apart from the rest. This video portrays the reason each and every student who attends here thrives, succeeds, and achieves.

  12. While watching this video it make me think about how all Virginia Tech students are leaders, even those that are not part of the RLC. Virginia Tech promotes strong ideals and wants to be portrayed as a community where all people, regardless of background, are accepted and encouraged to pursue their dreams. Change can come from anyone and last night while in the main PY lobby I actually found out for the first time that PY was dedicated in honor of two African American pioneer students, Mr. Peddrew and Mr. Yates, they are the epitome of leadership, determination, perseverance, and UT Prosim.

  13. Francisco Gabitan says:

    I strongly agree with the emphasis on respecting each others differences and common values in order to create a better environment for Virginia Tech. This video truly encapsulated the significance of diversity and how important it us to embrace that in a way that makes everyone comfortable so that we can all share and learn through each others differences. A campus that highlights these values is sure to be one that will facilitate its students learning and education. From my experiences so far, I believe that Virginia Tech upholds these values and I am grateful to be here.

  14. Crista Watson says:

    I saw this video for the first time at orientation and thought it was very inspiring. After being on campus as a full time student for the past month, I can personally say that I have felt these values actually being enforced by the people at Virginia Tech. I have never felt judged or been mistreated. Everyone waves and seems to be very friendly. I enjoy being around the community makes up the University and hope to keep seeing more!

  15. Abigail Bartolome says:

    The best part about these values that each student at Virginia Tech by is that they encourage openness and tolerance for new and unique ideas. This openness makes Virginia Tech a great environment for leaders to step up and change the world, and those leaders can have the confidence that their university will support them.

  16. Maggie D says:

    Virginia Tech sits on the basis of service and respect and I feel they are enforced throughout all aspects of the school. Respect is one of my core values because in order to earn respect you have to be respectful of others. The sense of community and comfort that Virginia Tech provides with over 20,000 diverse students is truly inspiring.

  17. Kyle Rushton says:

    I enjoyed this video because it shows the true values present at Virginia Tech. It proves that every person associated with Virginia Tech is a leader, one who leads by displaying the motto “Ut Prosim”. This video gave me a feeling of pride to know that I belong to such a great community, one that shows respect towards every single person. I love knowing that anyone can lead on this campus and be respected, regardless of any of the qualities and stereotypes that they listed in the video.

  18. Jake Brown says:

    When I first came to Tech I had trouble standing behind some of the things in this statement, however now i realize that most of those things are acceptable. I still have trouble with a few of them but would never let that stand between living out the motto of UT PROSIM and not. I will serve this community with my life even if I don’t agree with what it does.

  19. Victoria Gray says:

    When I first came to Virginia Tech, I did not know why the school’s motto was Ut Prosim. I thought it was unusual for an universities entire motto to be about service. However, since coming here I understand and it fits perfectly. This school is about respecting everyone, no matter what, and making a difference in our world because that is our responsibility.

  20. Hoo In Won says:

    Ut Prosim. This video contains principle values that Virginia tech students should have. One of the most meaning value is respect. Respect is one of the values of the ethical leader. By respecting others, one would not discriminate or prejudge the others. Leader should be serve the followers to positive social change. Ut Prosim, that i may serve, applies to all of the Virginia tech students, hoping individuals to become the leaders of the communities and serve for positive social change.

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