Obama and Romney on The Middle Class (PART 3)

Obama Political Add

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9 Responses to Obama and Romney on The Middle Class (PART 3)

  1. To me it is sad that America allowed a man such as Romney to get this far in the election, he truly is an unworthy candidate who does not have America’s best interest in mind. This video shows how Mitt is concerned with acquiring power to better people such as himself while the middle class suffers! Without a strong middle class America is nothing, our economy can not survive on a strong one percent and a 99 percent that is in shambles! The truth is that neither Obama or Romney are good choices, both have plans to ‘help’ America, but both are going to bring down the US of A! Honestly I believe that a leader such as Ron Paul, who is truly devoted to change and returning America to its original foundation, is the only sensible option; and you and I both know that he will never be elected! With all of this said it makes one wonder, can the common man ever rise to power or even influence the distribution of power in America?

    • Zack Snow says:

      This is also a completely biased advertisement for Obama. Of course it shows Mitt Romney in a bad light, that is the entire point of the ad. The “favoring of the millionaires” that this video shows is really just a representation of Republican economic theory. You can say that you disagree with that economic theory but as soon as political slandering comes into play, you have to take what is said with a grain of salt. This advertisement is designed to convince the people in the middle class who don’t realize what is actually going on the vote for Obama and not Romney. The exact same thing can be said about Political advertisements made by Romney.

  2. Esther Jeong says:

    After watching both political campaigns, and when observed objectively, it is noticeable that the middle class is the common target for both pursuing candidates to become the leader of the United States, because the largest chunk of the US is the middle class. As we have learned in the past two weeks, a leader is nothing without followers and these two men desperately need as many followers as they can which is provided by winning over the middle class citizens. I believe in Kellerman, it said that at one point the leader becomes more dependent on his/her followers. I think that this case exemplifies it well.

  3. Anne Walsack says:

    It is clear to me and probably everyone else that the middle class is the main target for both the Romney campaign and the Obama campaign. They are both trying to accomplish the same thing by using the media to broadcast their points.

  4. Andrew says:

    In hindsight is so obvious why Romney lost the election, it honestly nigh to see my first post on this video and to now reflect and know that Romney will never be our president!

  5. Francisco Gabitan says:

    The figures presented in this video are most likely untrue. Similar to other negative campaign ads this video is geared towards the uneducated masses who will fall for videos like this. What’s detrimental for Romney here though is that he has a history of being part of the 1% which further strengthens the message of this video. Either way, my lean in politics has always been done after research of my own not by watching negative ads.

  6. Patrick Lawrence says:

    It is hard to look back on the election and write unbiasedly. I voted for Romney but it was a clear objective that both candidates made their target towards the middle class. The middle class was and always will be the most important target area for candidates because they make up the biggest percentage of American population.

  7. Hoo In Won says:

    I believe it is almost impossible to find the election advertisement without bias. I believe that such video has alot of bias in itself. To find the realistic view of the politic one should just research oneself.

  8. Jerry Huang says:

    Elections are a period of time where everyone attempts to get their own ideas confirmed and promoted by other people. It is almost like two sulky middle school kids throwing themselves out there for attention and the other children taking sides on each issue without knowing anything about a situation aside from the fact that they know that the person they support is way cooler than them and that other people are just wrong because they say so.

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