Obama and Romney on The Middle Class (PART 2)

Romney Political Ad

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6 Responses to Obama and Romney on The Middle Class (PART 2)

  1. Crista Watson says:

    The majority of political campaigns dig for dirt on the opposing party and combine all the bits and pieces of negative information into one in order to make them look and sound worse than they actually are. Personally, I would more often rather come across a campaign commercial that promotes their own political campaign in a positive and creative way.

  2. ldrs1015 says:

    @Crista, how do you make meaning and verify knowledge, especially when sources contradict one another often?

  3. This is classic political mudslinging, Romney digs up dirt on Obama, makes him look like a corrupt politician, when in reality Obama could easily make the same video about Romney, the only difference is that Obama has been in office for four years. Clearly Obama isn’t getting it done, like he said he would, but we must ask ourselves is a near aristocratic individual such as Romney going to do any better? Right now our country needs a man who could care less about political power and wanted what was in our great nation’s best interest, and in my opinion Ron Paul is that man. Some may laugh in my face for saying that, but it is going to take a man like Ron to make any noticeable difference in our nation! Neither Romney or Obama are worthy of America’s vote, it is quite sad that Obama and Romney are the best candidates this country can offer! Maybe one day our country will return to its glory days or maybe we will get it over with and sell this country’s title to China and Middle-Eastern oil tycoons.

  4. Francisco Gabitan says:

    This is nothing more than typical politics in which words and actions are twisted or told in a way which is detrimental to the opposing candidate. The benefits that donors get are most likely ways in which the President is simply saying thank you, but don’t get me wrong it could also be more than that. Regardless though, I almost certain that what is portrayed in this video is an exaggeration. Politics will always be politics.

  5. Zack Snow says:

    I wonder who made this advertisement…… Like has already been said, this is another political attack ad trying to make Obama look bad. It is smart though in that it appeals to the majority of the population, the middle class. However, while I am not an expert on recent politics, it is very easy to claim that Obama hates the middle class if he believes in a top-down economic theory.

  6. Jerry Huang says:

    Fear mongering for attention is the easiest thing to do for votes. It is a lazy tactic which requires very little actual thought and garners great results for whoever does it. Playing off paranoia is cheap and effective.

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