The Future is Ours

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48 Responses to The Future is Ours

  1. Grace Ellis says:

    I really enjoyed this video. I like how it relates to leadership by saying that it takes courage and curiosity to move forward, and the point of leadership is to inspire others to work toward the goal of a better future.

  2. Anna Lehman says:

    After watching “The Future Is Ours” I realized how much our society focuses more on tragedies than accomplishments. Personally I feel as though we tend to devote our attention to negative things, rather than moving on and realizing how many challenges we have overcome. Part of being a leader is helping others strive to accomplish a goal successfully, and that is how we are able to achieve such great things. Taking on the future is not an easy task, it takes courage. Courage is also known as the eighth C in the Social Change Model. As young leaders it is our time to step up and set goals for the future to make our world a better place. We need to stay positive and courageous, especially when things seem weary.

    • Victoria Gray says:

      I totally agree with your statement. No matter where you look, people point out the negative points in our society. We rarely see courageous leaders stepping forward in media, however, we know the leaders are there. Yet, videos like these encourage more people to step forward to be leaders like the Social Change Model suggests. The media needs to show both videos such as these, as well as, videos of the success in leaders.

  3. Kristen Fisher says:

    I really liked this video. It showed me how I can use leadership someday in the career I hope to have. I see how science takes leadership to make things happen. It shows how leaders make a change in the world that benefit everyone. Leadership is essential for our ever changing world.

  4. Patrick Lawrence says:

    This video is a great example of how we can impact our world. We learn all about leadership in our class, but the values we take away and apply outside the classroom is what it’s all about. The idea that being a leader in one way or another can ultimately change the world is an unreal thought, but it can definitely happen.

    • Thomas Nave says:

      Well put Patrick, we all know now that the stuff we do today can affect us tomorrow. Leadership is defined as a process of social influence in which one person can enlist the aid and support of others in the accomplishment of a common task. I feel that this concept can be vital to us all.

  5. Courtney H says:

    This video opened my eyes to the amount of innovation that is happening every day. I never knew so much technological advancement was occurring, but this brought it to my attention. I also agree with Anna, who said that we as a nation focus more on tragedies than accomplishments, but I think we do that because it pushes our country to better itself. The tragedies motivate leaders to step up and push forward and make the nation better and brighter.

    • Suzanne Berry says:

      For a while, I have noticed how much we focus on all of the negative aspects of life, and I have personally tried to get myself out of that habit. It’s hard because it’s so natural for most people. However, I’ve never thought about how sometimes thinking about all of the bad things can help. I know that you learn from your mistakes, but it’s a little different to think about it in this perspective because tragedies are not necessarily the same as mistakes. It’s working through these and turning things around for the better that can sometimes be very difficult. With motivation from a tragedy, this becomes easier.

  6. Emma Reeves says:

    This video is a nice change from what we might normally see in the news every day. Instead of concentrating on tragedies and reflections of the past, it focuses on the future and the great impact we can make on it. The video basically tells us that instead of resorting to complaining about everything wrong in the world, it is our responsibility to do something about the things we would like to change.

    • Carly Scullin says:

      I agree with you Emma. We need to focus on the future and push forward to fix and learn from our mistakes of the past. We can not just expect the future and new ideas to appear to us, but we need leaders to start the change. The world needs leaders who are working for the better of man kind, and working toward a brighter future.

      • Catherine (Cate) Beach says:

        Well said both of you. We need to be the change and we cant be afraid of what the future may hold. I really like how the video talks about our strengths for the future and about what we can do, just like you do Emma. It gives us hope and inspiration to continue on and strive for the future, even though people usually tend to focus on our problems. This video is refreshing because all we hear about is how bad things are and we focus on the past and trying to fix it. What we need to be doing, as this video is saying is focusing on the future and working towards it to make it the best possible.

  7. Jasmine Porter says:

    A wise man by the name of Anthony Robbins once said, ” Life is a gift and it offers us the privilege, opportunity and responsibility to give back something by becoming.” This quote, I live by everyday and it adheres to the motto here at Virginia Tech, ” Ut Prosim”. As I watch this video, it makes me reminisce on all the miracles that this world’s technology and brilliant people have been able to bring to my life. Because of this wonderful technology, my mother was given a kidney transplant that saved her life. In agreement to the video, the future is ours! I believe that this generation has the responsibility and opportunity to not only make a difference in the world, but also lead.

    • Jacob Clore says:

      Well put Jasmine. I think that the world can develop technology to positively effect people. Our society should be focusing on how technology can assist people rather than how it can harm others.

  8. Adam W says:

    As an art form, this video is very inspirational and effective. The choices of music, images, and words all flow to create a feeling that we can be world changers. I especially appreciate the Ronald Reagan quote that they used that says ” The future doesn’t belong to the faint-hearted, it belongs to the brave”. We won’t change the world without bravery. We need to take chances. We need to stand up for what we believe in. The article that we read on the social change model mentioned an 8th C, Courage. I believe courage is very important in leadership and especially social change. Becoming a world changer is going to involve stepping out of our comfort zones. It wont be easy. But as it happens we will grow and develop as leaders.

  9. Esther J Jeong says:

    I agree with the several posts above about how our society tends to focus on more negative things rather than the positive experiences in life. Actually, my architecture professor said this to us the first of class, “Design something that goes unnoticed”. What he meant by that was that if something is poorly designed, people immediately notice the flaw and will complain, but a flawless design continues to be used and is never really talked about because it blends comfortably with our lifestyles. Although it is prevalent that we live in a more condescending society, I think that it does make those who have the courage and optimism to stand out and take initiative to find a solution, that much more commendable and the results of change that much more aweing. This video also reminds us to take a step back and look at all the innovative movements that are happening in our world today; it’s so difficult to step out of our own little busy worlds and embrace the exciting new changes that occur daily. There’s a plethora of leaders already making changes and more that are awaiting their moment to make a difference, all that’s needed is that extra push of courage to embark the adventure.

    • Jake Brown says:

      I like what you’ve said at the end here where we need to step back and look at the innovative movements that are happening in our world. I feel like that is a way that leaders can grow in that they see these new inventions/creations/ideas, whatever they maybe, and can immediately begin to formulate thought to better these things for the sake of society.

  10. Alexander Jones says:

    As the video said, the future is for the “brave”. Bravery is needed to be a leader. Sometimes when you are the leader, you have to make decisions that everyone may not agree with, even yourself. You must go with what your gut says and if you make a mistake, you will eventually learn from it. The future will be what we make it, especially us in the RLC if we all achieve our dream of being strong leaders. We all chose the right college since want to impact the future with our leadership abilities. After all, our motto is “Ut Prosim” and our slogan is “Invent the Future”.

    • Rachel Cotton says:

      I completely agree that it takes bravery to become a leader. I think it also takes a lot of bravery to make that as your goal, because it really is a lot of responsibility and take commitment. I loved how the video made an innovative life look fun and silly, because I think that it how it should be. Testing limits and reaching for those high goals requires a lot of imagination and play. I think that we forget that a lot, especially in college when we are in the midst of papers to write, hundreds of pages to read and exams to study for. Especially being in an amazing college like Tech, you’re right that its nice to have “Ut Prosim” and “Invent the Future” as reminders of what our ultimate goals are.

  11. Francisco Gabitan says:

    This is a truly inspirational and motivational video. It reminded me about the size of our world and the many things we have yet to accomplish. We have only scratched the surface and there are many more things we have yet to achieved. This future as Ronald Reagan said belongs to the brave, not the fainthearted and that line truly lit a fire inside me and further cemented my view in changing the future world for mankind. As stated in the video, we are experiencing things now that we have always thought to be impossible. What I truly got from this video in turn is the idea that nothing is truly impossible.

  12. Lauren Nance says:

    I really liked the “Future is Ours” video because I found it very encouraging to see what good things are going on in our world. There were quotes from powerful leaders that have left their mark and we should keep their words close to us as we strive to make the world a better place. For one person, that may be starting an organization for abused women in their local town; for another, it may be finding a cure to breast cancer. Whatever it is you decide to do, ‘set no boundaries’ for yourself and ‘explore like a hero’ to build a better future for our generations and those that follow ours.

  13. Lewis Tucker says:

    This video is an amazing piece for inspiring us all to be leaders and “push forward”. We tend to ignore all the possibilities waiting for us and all that we can accomplish in our lives. “The yearning to do what we do in the service of something larger than ourselves”. This quote from the video is very meaningful to me and should be to all leaders because it is the goal of leadership. Leadership is not about oneself but about coming together as one to achieve something much more and greater than we can do alone. We are reminded of this throughout the video with the many different technologies and advancements being worked on. It is important that we all as leaders remember that it is up to each and every one of us to improve this world that we live in.

  14. Maggie D says:

    I really enjoyed and was inspired by this video. The quote at the beginning that said “perhaps we forgot that we’ve only just begun” caught my attention not only because we are just beginning our adventure here at VT but because of how many technological advances have yet to be discovered. It is amazing how advanced technology is today and it’s crazy to think where technology will be in future generations. Also the quote by Reagan that stated “future doesn’t belong to the faint hearted, it belongs to the brave” really stuck with me. Being “brave” by doing the unthinkable and discovering new ideas out of the norm ultimately becomes the future. It takes a strong person with commitment in order to achieve the objective of the Social Change Model, change.

  15. Jacob Clore says:

    I thought this video was really moving. I thought it was absolutely amazing when that woman could hear for the first time or when that man could communicate. I wish the media would show those kind of milestones along with or instead of the negative news that is shown. In addition, I think change is a beautiful thing because life could be so monotonous without it. I never realized the beauty of change until I moved to Virginia Tech. Life became so new and interesting. What if we could do that with the world? What if we could treat everybody with the inherent dignity and respect they deserved? That would be quite amazing.

  16. Rachel E says:

    I really liked this video because it shows us that we as a culture need to be innovative and creative in order to make changes to what is already in place and even to start something new. The thing that really stuck out to me in the video was the different clips that portrayed something to do with science because the majority of the inventions shown would not have been possible if not for creativity and teamwork. One person is strong but a team/group is even stronger. Creativity is an important part of leadership because leaders must learn how to engage other leaders as well as followers. If we all work together, leaders and follower can make so much happen.

  17. Shane Tolley says:

    In one of the clips there was something I really liked, one clip features a guy (I use guy for lack of a better term) who refers to accomplishing something “larger than ourselves.” The reason I like that so much is because I think that really embodies the idea of leadership. A leader is one who is at the helm of a group of people attempting to complete a goal they all share, something that cannot be done alone. A leader is nothing without followers, and what the leader does is give someone for followers to stand behind. The way I see it, each leader acts as a catalyst that enables a group of people to come together and accomplish something.

  18. Courtney Green says:

    I really enjoyed this video, it is eye opening and has made me realize how many new discoveries and innovations have taken place in just the last decade. I agree with many other people who already commented that said it was inspirational and motivational. Also, It shows how one “small” discovery can change peoples lives forever. For example the 29 year old in the video who was able to hear for the first time. That is a life changing event, all thanks to a group of leaders who invented the hearing aid. This video just goes to show that no matter how many discoveries have already happened, there are still an infinite number to still be found. There truly is so much that is unknown and just waits to be discovered,

  19. Taylor McClain says:

    I agree with Jacob’s comment. For some reason I was most affected by the clip of the woman hearing for the first time. I guess this is because it was one of the most emotional moments in the video. I thought the entire video was really empowering. It’s so refreshing to focus on the positive things in our world for once. I also found the video really motivating. It made me so excited to be here at Virginia Tech. I am finally able to study what really interests me, in the hopes of making a difference in the world someday.

  20. Julia Lauer says:

    I really loved this video, it hit on a lot of really important points and situations that related to leadership. The thought of being able to do so much with what we’ve been given is incredible and I think it’s true that our society tends to focus a lot more on the negative than the positive. The title of the video and the theme tie in really well with Virginia Tech’s “Invent the Future” motto. It reminds us that we can do anything we set our minds to and that almost nothing is impossible.

  21. Abigail Bartolome says:

    I felt like this video not only embodied what we are being taught in the RLC, but why many of us are here at Virginia Tech. Everyone wants to make their mark on the world and make it a better place, and this video shows us the progress that humanity is making in bettering itself. I’m sure many of us at Virginia Tech do have the ambition of “inventing the future”, and the RLC will hopefully help us in taking the initiative to do so- this video was certainly helpful in inspiring us! I felt like certain parts of the video were reminiscent of what we’d been learning in class. For example, the concept of a common goal (“help us build a better future”) reminded us of the idea that we all have to work together to change the world, but the following reminder for us to push humanity forward to a better future ensured that we were aware that it is up to us to be leaders and initiate change.

  22. Luke Carroll says:

    I have seen video’s that inspire and push us to do more, but I truly believe that this video, even though it was under two and a half minutes, has had more of impact on me that the others. Simply because, after everything we have learned in the classroom it is easy to connect this video to the Social Change Model, and realize that yes we have accomplished much in our time, but there is still much more that we can accomplish. Also, in accordance with Anna’s original comment, I believe as well that the media and society as a whole loves to focus on the negatives that go on in our world. My AP Government teacher last year used to tell us, “If it bleeds, it leads.” She said this because if anything bad happened in our world it would be a headline. I believe that we as a people should truly put an effort to see the good in our world, but not forget though, that there are wrongs to be righted as well.

  23. Daniel says:

    Most of my thoughts have already been stated by fellow classmates. That said, two quotes really jumped out at me. The first was “let yourself be overwhelmed”. We usually think of leaders as people who remain calm in heated situations and keep everything under control. I never thought before how letting yourself get lost in the moment could potentially open your eyes to a new path. The second quote was “stay hungry, stay foolish” because it shows that without mistakes and trials there is no progress. Leadership isn’t something that someone can pick up immediately and use flawlessly. Every leader makes mistakes. The difference is how the leader grows from the mistakes he makes.

  24. Courtney says:

    This video has shown me a new light, it has shown me how to combine two things that I want to pursue and am passionate about. Last week I attended an engineering seminar focused around the idea of making a difference, but to an engineer our challenge was to “engineer the difference.” A leader must be curious, inquisitive, hungry for more, to make the world a better place, to help a friend, a stranger, themselves. For me to be able to lead through my profession and make that strong connection between a career and a passion is amazing. It has shed light on the idea that leadership may be a skill, through what you make your profession. It may be a process of creating a better tomorrow. It may be a trait such as passion. It may be a relationship between a leader and a follower, or a relationship with someone who inspires you. Leadership can be so many things as we see in Northouse, and although i haven’t found out what it is exactly, I now know that it is completely relevant to my field of study!

  25. Cat Hauser says:

    This video makes me think of when I was younger and people would say “oh, we are going to have flying cars one day.” We may not have flying cars but we have phones that can talk back to us. We have missiles that can blow up an entire country. We have technology that is so advanced that it would have never even crossed someone’s mind back then. We are moving forward and if we want to keep moving forward, today’s generation needs to take control. Leaders who will keep things moving forward are needed and what we are learning in class is relevant to the type of leaders needed. It is always a good reminder to hear that we are important and need to learn how to lead in life to keep our country going.

  26. Lindsay DeMers says:

    I felt inspired by this video to go out in the world and start doing something incredible that would make a difference; I think things like the clips shown in the video should be publicized more to inspire people out of apathy and complacency and generate more leaders and follows. I believe inspiration is an important starting point in leadership because it spark an idea and lead to a movement. Inspiration causes people to do something they may not otherwise do; they take risks, and if you don’t take risks, how will you ever know how far you can go?

  27. Crista Watson says:

    This video is inspirational and caught my attention from second one. I actually focused more on the composition of the video more than the actual message. The choice of music was perfect because it transmitted a hopeful feeling throughout the entire video. The amazing footage of life in different places was a great way to open people’s eyes for a short span of time, just enough to realize that we all are working together to improve and create our own future. I also noticed that there was one narrator with a clear, strong and young voice. The people featured in the video were exited, happy and even famous like genius physicist Stephen Hawking. Overall it was a well structured video that emitted a big message in a small amount of time.

  28. Hoo In Won says:

    The message that such video carries, the future is ours, is what i strongly agree to. This shows that each one of us has the potential to develop and push the world forward with brave and courage. People are being pessimistic and only see the “bad” side of the world, yet we, as a future leader, should be able to see the bright side and side to push forward.

  29. Emma D says:

    I was incredibly moved by this video; it got me thinking about how I am going to make a difference in the world today. We see videos that are meant to inspire and move us all the time; however, in my opinion, they seldom achieve their goals. This video has reached its goal, and reached me. Although it does show how our society tends to focus on negative things, the video uses those negative things as a means to inspire us as young leaders to push our world forward. I believe inspiration is one of the most aspects of leadership, both for followers and leaders themselves. It is inspiration that moves our world forward and makes it a better place.

  30. Jacob Melton says:

    I recognized the faces and voices of many of the people featured and something occurred to me while watching these people speak about our future. The people you hear and see in the video are easily recognizable because they have made a name for themselves, they have created an image we associate with them. I think this is important to affecting the world around us. You must build relations with everyone and establish you “brand”. It will tell people “I’m here to change the world, I am ready to lead.” This is something that was true of every person who spoke. They had taken the future and made it theirs.

  31. TC Cobb says:

    I have to say that I think this video has a strong relation to leadership. It focuses on not only what we have in the world today, but what people can lead and create a better future by taking chances and not holding back anyones potential. I agree that people should work together and focus on the positive things, but also people should focus on improving the negative things as well. I also agree that it takes curiosity to move forward becuase if people work together and edit what has been accomplished in the past, it may very well improve what may come in our future.

  32. Will Coffey says:

    It’s definitely hard to view the world in a positive manner with all the negative stories being reported in the news daily. However, the video is definitely correct, the future of the world is ours. It’s what we make it to be through our actions and contributions. The video aims to inspire us to make a positive difference in the world. Technology is advancing everyday and new discoveries are being made. We should set goals, and work to accomplish what we set out to do, and to further contribute to the advancements being made. It’s our job to make the world we live in a better place, and to inspire others to do the same.

  33. Anna Fox says:

    I really enjoyed this video. It showed me that through leadership each and every person can achieve greatness if they are committed to it. It also showed me that even though terrible things happen we can still make a positive lasting impact. We are responsible for being the best that we can be and leading others to do the same.

  34. Allyson True says:

    I really enjoyed this video. It is so inspiring and it shows leadership at work everyday. The clip of the 29-year-old hearing for the first time really made we want to reach even harder for my goals so that I can impact someone in that way. This video clip demonstrates what great things can happen when someone takes initiative and steps into that leadership role and does something great.

  35. Life is not waiting on us, we have to make an effort to get out there and to start making a difference! The world was made for us to explore, made for us to better; it is up to us to lead the masses toward the common good and the advancement of our society. We often focus on the negative things going on in the world, and it truly is easy to be overwhelmed by the massive tragedy that occurs every day, but we need to stop looking and start doing! It is up to us to erase the bad and construct the good; as humans this is our job and it is time we realized that and stop letting the little things such as fear and self consciousness get in our way! It is time to be leaders, it is time to go outside and realize our individual potential; you may be shocked at how much potential you really have!

  36. Nina Miller says:

    Watching this video leaves me with one question: What would the world be like if we focused our efforts on rewarding those who work for the betterment of others instead of publicizing those who are more corrupt and destroy our sense of security and trust. As leaders we should start changing the “man in the mirror” and see what kind of an impact that has on the world around us!

  37. Andrew says:

    I feel motivated after watching this video, it shows that regardless of the daunting task that may lie ahead as leaders we have the ability to overcome any obstacle.

  38. Macy Kinder says:

    I really liked how the video emphasized that the future is ours. It made me realize just how many discoveries have been made in the last decade alone. This video makes me want to go out into the world and make a change. In order to make a change in the world, I have to make it. No matter how bad things get, good things can come from it.

  39. John jones says:

    This video definitely is motivating. It proposes the idea of getting out in the world and actually making a difference. Many people think that they are too small to impact the world, but the first step to making a change in the world is dropping that mentality and pursuing your dreams and aspirations.

  40. Haley Ward says:

    This video pointed out the fact that our world generally focuses on the bad things we have endured. If only more people believed that they can lead others to create a change in this world. I agree with Bones when he says that the first step in making a change is leaving the idea behind that one person is too small. Many changes that have impacted the world started off with one person, one leader.

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